Using nostalgia as her songwriting superpower, this emerging New Zealand-based pop artist reflects on her past to bring music into the present. Her songs are all inspired by the golden haze that nostalgia paints over memories of youth, and reflect on themes iconic to adolescence - such as loneliness, romance, growing pains, friendship and everything in between. 


“I find there is unparalleled beauty in youth. Life is so rich when you’re young and everything and everybody lasts forever. I can’t think of anything more romantic than that.” 


Her songwriting style is rich in imagery and metaphor - a talent transferred from her poetic background. While growing up, Jessica received national awards for her poetry and prose, and in more recent years her songwriting is receiving similar praise.


Leigh cites her main musical influences as Paul Simon, Lorde and Lana Del Rey. “Paul for his wit and honesty, and Lorde and Lana and for romanticising that honesty.” 


Jessica refers to herself as "a storyteller, first and foremost.” Her biggest hope is that after listening to the stories contained within her songs, people will be inspired to reminisce on and create from their own.